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Bath Salts


Natural Bath salts of marine origin

The Bath Salts Natural SyS Laboratory contain mineral salts of marine origin that soften and refresh the skin. Ideal to calm down and relax after daily stress and fatigue.

In addition to their natural composition, these salts are characterized by their rapid dissolution and their great flavoring power.

You can choose between eight different bath salts: Aloe Vera, Chocolate, Red Fruits, Lavender, Blackberry, Roses, Green Tea and Vanilla.

Mask to hydrate the hair

The Mask of Coconut and Oats SyS is enriched with Keratin and Vitamin E. It protects the hair from external aggressions, repairing it, conditioning it, increasing its elasticity by forming a film and reducing its risk of breakage.

Brings softness and shine to the hair, facilitates combing and reduces static electricity. Thanks to its content in Vitamin E, it acts as an antioxidant. With natural ingredients.