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Laboratorio SyS
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Perfume Cupboards and Drawers Lavender

Scented Sachets from SyS Lavender-scented aromas can last up to 6 weeks with full intensity. They can be used in drawers, lockers or closets to perfume all the space and the clothes or objects that are stored in them. They can be hung thanks to their easy-to-position hanger or they can be used in an envelope format directly inside drawers or in the corners of the cabinets, always preventing them from coming into direct contact with clothing or fabrics.

  1. The perfume lasts approximately 6 weeks with total intensity.
  2. Remove from the bag and place inside small spaces such as drawers, cabinets, lockers ... Avoid direct contact with fabrics, plastic surfaces, painted or lacquered. The manufacturer is not responsible for a different use than described in these indications.