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Incense Palo Santo

Palo Santo sticks (Bursera Graveolens) purify and clean the environment, relax and act as a mosquito repellent. They are 100% natural and certified, original from Peru. They are hand cut, without the use of industrial machinery, and have been dried naturally for more than four years. Each stick can be lit more than 50 times.

The Holy Stick is used to balance, expel negative energies and attract positive energies.

  1. #characteristics#- Helps control current illnesses caused by stress, brings peace and harmony.
    - Helps lift the mood due to its physical and spiritual cleansing properties.
    - Its aroma helps to deepen the spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation.
    - Aphrodisiac: its earthy and enigmatic quality helps to improve the love and spiritual relationship in couples.
    - Shamans use them in their sessions to clean and purify environments against evil spirits, bad vibrations and negative forces.
    - Promotes meditation as it relaxes the mind and induces a feeling of abandonment. It is widely used in practices of Yoga, Reiki, Aromatherapy, ...
    - Relax and transport to an atmosphere of peace and tranquility
    - Relieves nervous tension and eliminates domestic conflicts.
    - The aroma of the stick serves as a 100% natural mosquito repeller, ideal for the rooms.
  2. #how to use#Put the stick on the fire until it turns on and once lit stir the stick until the flame goes out and leave only the smoke.
  3. #Origin#The origin of the holy stick is very old, the Inca Shamans used it in their religious-spiritual rituals, as a tool to attract good luck, remove any sign of negativity and as a means of achieving better spiritual communication with their gods. Its inhabitants used it on a daily basis in their spiritual activities, in their prayers, to attract luck, improve their mood; also as an energy descontracturante for cleaning of spaces and environments.