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SyS Natural Incense Sticks Features

The natural stick incense stick has been scented by an immersion technique in our laboratory located in Valencia. 

It stands out for producing a pleasant sensation of well-being body / mind, generating a careful harmony in the home and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for longer.

  1. #characteristics#- Produces a pleasant sensation of well-being in body and mind, generating a careful harmony in the home.
    - Handcrafted according to traditional formulas.
    - Made with high quality fragrances, herbs, flowers and aromatic woods that stimulate the senses.
    - It includes 20 sticks. Aloe Vera Aroma.
  2. #Mode of employment#1. Place the stick on the appropriate support.
    2. Light the stick with a cigarette lighter or match.
    3. After a few minutes you can enjoy an atmosphere with the selected aroma.
  3. #Precautions on stick incenses#Keep out of reach of children and animals.
    Do not leave only one stick on.
    Do not eat.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
In error i ordered wrong incense 😢. Thought there was only one type incense natural but now realize I should have specified Raiz Angelica. Your website never prompted me to select either. Could you have English link for your website.
Liz S.