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Certified Micellar Water Labnatur with cucumber, witch hazel and sea salt flower is suitable for all skin types

It helps to leave the skin clean, soft, hydrated and with a pleasant sensation of freshness, respecting the skin balance.

Rich in Vitamin C, B and essential oils. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested.

The new line of natural cosmetics Labnatur Bio is Certified with the BioVidaSana seal, complying with all the requirements of natural and ecological cosmetics, thereby certifying a product with 99% ingredients of natural origin.

  1. #certified BioVidaSana # 1- Contains most natural ingredients (preferably organic certificates)
    2- The use of chemical ingredients is minimized (Only those that do not pose a risk to health or the environment)
    3- Cosmetics have not been tested on animals
    4- They do not contain transgenic ingredients or nanoparticles
    5- They have not been irradiated
    6- They have been produced without polluting or damaging the environment.
    7- The ingredients of the certified products as well as the production system of the manufacturing companies have been rigorously reviewed and submitted to the approval of the certification body.
  2. #how to apply#Apply with the help of cotton, with gentle movements on the face, eyes and neck. It does not need rinsing.
  3. #precautions for use#Keep out of reach of children. External use. Avoid direct eye contact.
  4. #active principles#Cucumber: rich in vitamin C, B and potassium. It promotes the revitalization of the face, refreshing and decongesting it. Cucumber generates activity in the cells of the epidermis, has a moisturizing action and softens the skin.

    Witch hazel: has a high content of flavonoids and essential oils. It has soothing, astringent and antiseptic properties. It is anti inflammatory and greatly improves blood circulation.

    Sea Salt Flower: with cleansing properties, it helps fight acne, pimples and facial blemishes. It is also stimulating, astringent, and closes the pores, so it helps reduce sebaceous secretion.