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Facial masks for a deep cleansing of the skin

Performing a complete beauty routine is very important to maintain a clean, young skin and free of impurities. One of the first steps of this routine will be to exfoliate the skin well so that the other treatments that are applied, penetrate deeply and can perform the expected function. After this initial cleaning, the face mask is applied and the time indicated on the container is allowed to act, usually ranging between 15 and 20 minutes. The facial mask will focus on absorbing excess fat, impurities, pores, etc. After use you can see how the skin looks healthier, finer and sealed. The SyS Laboratories masks offer a great variety of textures, active principles and properties that can be combined to achieve a younger, luminous and careful skin.

Do you have to apply a product after the face mask?

After the mask begins the real daily routine, since both the exfoliant and the mask will only be used once a week. The first product that should be applied after cleansing the skin is the facial tonic to balance the level of hydration of the skin. Then the serum is applied, which usually has very specific properties such as rejuvenate, reduce spots, eliminate wrinkles, etc. Subsequently, the moisturizing facial cream is applied. To finish we apply the rest of daily facial treatments: eye contour, wrinkle filler ... If you also need to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, you can apply a sunscreen superior to SPF15. You already have your complete routine!

Discover our facial scrubs

Facial Scrub with Calendula and Chamomile

This facial scrub is indicated for sensitive skin since it contains calendula and chamomile, two flowers famous for their soothing properties. Especially the calendula is anti-inflammatory and healing.

Aloe Vera and Bamboo Facial Scrub

Aloe Vera is famous for its quantity of nutritional and regenerative properties. Combined with bamboo you get an exfoliating scrub for normal skin that cleans deeply while maintaining skin hydration.

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