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Hand Soap


Liquid Hand Soap in 10 different scents

The hand soap from Laboratorio SyS respects the natural pH of the skin. It leaves a pleasant sensation of softness and freshness thanks to the extraordinary fragrance used in each of the soaps.

You will find hand soaps of tangerine, aloe vera, cherry, lavender, vanilla, blackberry, green tea, roses, green apple, cola and jelly beans.

Rose Hip Hands and Nails Cream

SyS Laboratory hand and nail creams repair and hydrate hands and cuticles. In particular, Rosa Mosqueta Hand and Nail Cream is made from oils and natural extracts of Rosa Mosqueta, Hazelnuts, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Urea.

It has a great moisturizing and healing power. Very recommended to eliminate superficial spots.