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Hair Care

Mascarillas capilares

Natural products for hair, shampoos without parabens with pH Neutral

The hair care line from Laboratorio SyS offers 6 treatment shampoos, suitable for different hair types and needs. This year 2019 we have launched two new shampoos with Keratin and Vitamin E specialized in repairing hair. The Argan and Jojoba shampoo is used to moisturize and promote cell regeneration. After use, hair is more elastic, smooth and free of sebum. To repair the tips of damaged hair and protect it from external aggressions, try the Coco and Oatmeal shampoo, also enriched with Keratin and Vitamin, without parabens.

Anti-hair loss ampoules are also an infallible treatment in our hair care routine. Ask for your display of 24 ampoules to strengthen and give density to your hair!

Hair care in PEGs and with natural ingredients

All the natural cosmetics of Laboratorio SyS are free of parabens but, in addition, their 4 shampoos of daily use are also free of PEGs, which guarantees respect for the skin and hair. PEGs are polyether compounds that can cause irritation and hypersensitivity reactions in the skin. By making a formulation without parabens or PEGs and with Neutral pH we ensure the distribution of respectful products with the delicate skin of the scalp.

Vegetable oils to nourish the hair

The Argan Vegetable Oil nourishes and softens the hair avoiding its frizz and providing luminosity, shine and flexibility.

The Essential SyS Lab Oils are obtained from the flowers, stems, roots and leaves of plants. They have very diverse therapeutic properties: antiseptics, tonics, immunostimulants, painkillers, repairers ... We have 17 different to choose according to the needs.

The oils of Argan, Jojoba and Coco are the best to apply on the hair after washing or combing.