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Laboratorio SyS
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The Facial Mask Sauna Apricot

Is specially formulated to heat the face immediately after application, as if it were a treatment with warm towels. It relaxes and tones the skin thanks to its active principles with antistress effect. It also contains avocado to moisturize and provide the skin with all the essential fatty acids it needs.

Facial masks SyS are made with Natural Products and cold first pressure oils that preserve all plant properties. The combination of the active ingredients of each mask brings benefits, taking care and cleaning the skin of the face.

  1. #How to apply#
    1. Clean up your face and dry.
    2. Open and apply the mask in a thin and uniform layer.
    3. Leave on for approximately 15 minutes or until the mask has completely dried.
    4. Remove carefully from the lower part of the face.
    5. Rinse the face to remove any remaining product.