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How does a Natural Essence Fogizer work?

The foggers create cold steam by ultrasonic vibrations. This system creates a mist that contains the particles of pure essential oils of the brumaroma. It allows natural essences to diffuse into the environment through millions of micro particles forming an aromatic mist.

The inhalation of this mist along with the essential oils provide benefits in the environment and in the health of those who inhale them.

Lavender Brumaroma
Lavender Brumaroma is the most used to favor the rest of the whole family. Its aroma brings tranquility and relaxation. Lavender oil has therapeutic properties that can relieve respiratory problems such as cough, asthma, nasal congestion, throat infections ... It can also function as an insect repellent.

The SyS Laboratory hazemaromas are formulated for use in foggers and humidifiers.

  1. #characteristics#- Humidify.
    - Sanitize and aromatize.
    - Improve mood.
    - They transmit a feeling of well-being.
  2. #how to use#Add between 5 and 10 drops of SyS Brumaroma Natural Essence in the water of the reservoir of your humidifier, depending on the desired intensity.