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Laboratorio SyS
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Natural Essences

The essences and Natural Oils of SyS Laboratory are extracted directly from natural products such as leaves, fruits, flowers or roots. They transfer nature to your home. Each essence, due to its aromatic properties, acts in our body, improving our mood and facilitating the relaxation of the body and mind.

The essence of Iris, one of the most coveted in perfumery, reminds of Mediterranean environments mixed with the Far East, where this woody, violet and greenish aroma arises.
This product has been formulated in compliance with IFRA recommendations.

We have 39 different special fragrances to use with essence burners.

  1. #how to use#Use the essences in specialized burners to aromatize both rooms.
  2. #tips#The SyS Laboratory Essences can also be used to add as a perfume in other product.