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Natural essences for foggers and humidifiers

How do foggers work? The foggers create cold steam by ultrasonic vibrations. This system creates a mist that contains the particles of pure essential oils of the brumaroma. It allows pure oils to diffuse into the environment through millions of micro particles forming an aromatic mist. The inhalation of this mist along with the essential oils provide benefits in the environment and in the health of those who inhale them.

The Syma Aromas Brumaromas have been developed for use in any fogger on the market and in the 6 most emblematic aromas of our Laboratory.

Natural Essences for burners, original SyS Aromas

The natural essences of SyS Aromas are specially made for use in burners, although they can also be used as perfumes for other products.

There are as many essences as tastes. We are left with vanilla for its delicate sweetness.

If it is diluted in water, you can also get a pleasant steam that diffuses throughout the rooms, helping the aroma to spread smoothly.