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Laboratorio SyS
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9.90 €
Bringing together decoration and ambiance has resulted in this new Deco Diffuser line. It offers shapes inspired by nature that perfume and decorate the home in a stylish way. Unique fragrances of SyS Aromas. 

The Mikado Tree belongs to a collection of decorative scents from Laboratorio SyS inspired by natural fragrances. The perfect way to bring the scents of nature into the home. 

Bergamot is a citrus aroma different from grapefruit, orange or lemon. Its essential oils are extracted from the bark of this fruit of small size and sour taste. Spread a different, fresh and fruity aroma that will make a difference in your home.

  1. - Exclusive Tree.
    - Shaped design.
    - Greater diffusion of scent.
    - Lasts more than 4 weeks.
  2. #mode of employment#1.Uncover the bottle.
    2. Assemble the Tree as indicated in the instructions on the box.
    3. Place the Tree inside the bottle and wait until it absorbs the perfume and diffuses it.