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Laboratorio SyS
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9.90 €
The Mikado Deco-Diffuser Fir Tree Air Freshener belongs to a collection of decorative fragrances from SyS Laboratory inspired by natural fragrances. The perfect formula to transport home the aromas of nature.

Bringing together decoration and ambiance has resulted in this new Deco Diffuser line. It offers shapes inspired by nature that perfume and decorate the home in a stylish way. Unique fragrances of SyS Aromas. 

The Cinnamon-Orange aroma stands out for its fidelity to the essential oils it has, from the first to the last olfactory note the orange and cinnamon perfume can be seen in equal parts. A fragrance that spreads at home with citrus, stimulating and spicy notes.

  1. #How to use#Assemble the air freshener following the instructions shown on the Mikado's box. The cellulose of the tree will gradually soak up the essence and will diffuse the natural scent throughout the room in an intense and gradual manner. 

    Products tested under the strictest quality and safety controls. Environmentally friendly. Only works with original Laboratorio SyS air fresheners.