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Deco Diffuser

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Diffuser air freshener, inspired by nature - 7 different Animal Deco Diffuser for adults and children

The union between Decoration and Ambience results in this new line Deco Diffuser. Figures inspired by nature emerge that elegantly decorate and decorate the home. A unique fragrance, "Wild Animal", by SyS Aromas. How is this diffuser freshener different from the rest of the SyS collections? The diffusing capacity of the aroma of these air fresheners is superior to its decorative character. The aroma spreads through the rooms intensely, reaching the last corner. A few minutes after placing the air freshener, you can see the intensity of the fragrance throughout the room.

Properties of the Deco Diffuder Animal

The Mikado Animal  belongs to a collection of decorative aromas from Laboratorio SyS inspired by natural fragrances. The perfect formula to transport home the aromas of nature with all its intensity thanks to the material with which it is made. A rigorous quality process ensures the state of the tree from the first day until the last of its use. The colors stay alive and vibrant and the aroma diffuses progressively with intensity, even when the liquid in the bottle is completely consumed. Probably, it is the aroma of SyS Aromas that diffuses with greater intensity each fragrance.

New Mikados COSMOS edition, technology and nature

Cosmos Edition, a collection of aromas from Laboratorio SyS inspired by natural fragrances combined with new technology raw materials. This edition is tested under the strictest quality and safety controls, without alcohol, without volatile organic compounds, with molecules that absorb odors and respect the environment.

Four aromas make up this elegant and sensory collection: Healthy, Etternal, Harmony and Wellness. All of them are composed of a combination of fruits, flowers and plants that will trick you.

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