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4 Mikados Reed Diffuser with natural fragances of the latest technology

Cosmos Edition, a collection of SyS  inspired by natural fragrances combined with new technology raw materials. This edition is tested under the strictest quality and safety controls, without alcohol, without volatile organic compounds, with molecules that absorb odors and respect the environment.

This collection of fragances stands out for its soft aromas, combined with delicacy. You can perceive each one of the ingredients that compose it in a single inhalation. You will notice the orange blossom, the jasmine from the Antilles, the wild lavender, the green citrus or the fruits of water.

How to use a Mikado Reed Diffuser

Like any Mikado, to enjoy Cosmos it is only necessary to unclog the bottle and insert the rods inside. The Cosmos line includes new black fiberglass rods that do not stain or discolor. Within a few minutes of preparing the mikado diffuser, you will feel how the perfume spreads throughout the home. To get a more intense effect, it is recommended to turn the rods every 3-4 days.

ambientador mikado

Mikados Ahire with spray fresheners

  Ahire is a collection of scents inspired by natural fragrances. An effective and durable complement that will progressively impregnate a pleasant natural aroma in the home. In it you will find the most characteristic aromas of SyS Laboratory: Red Fruits, Angelica Root, Lavender, Mango, Clean Clothes and Cinnamon-Orange.