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Argan Oil has many and well-known properties.

Among which it should be noted that it is a good moisturizing agent, helping to fight against dry skin; it also stimulates cell oxygenation and strengthens the union between cells, also relieves damaged or irritated skin

  1. #How to Use # Apply the desired amount on the area to be treated and massage
  2. # Uses # Moisturizing for the skin: Argan oil is most often used to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Due to the large amount and diversity of fatty acids and vitamin E, this oil is perfect for natural skin care. It absorbs quickly and is not sticky. It can also be used for the face.

    Conditioner: Argan oil makes hair smooth and shiny. Therefore, it is a wonderful conditioner and can even help reduce split ends.

    Smooth and shiny hair: Thanks to its nourishing properties, this oil can be used to facilitate styling. In this way your hair is more moldable and will be healthier inside and out. After drying, just apply a few drops of oil to your hand and distribute it through your hair with your hands.

    Anti-aging: Argan oil reduces wrinkles with regular use, as it is hydrating. Its antioxidants make it a perfect anti-aging product. It also increases the elasticity of the skin. Massage the face with just a few drops of argan oil.

    For dry skin: People with dry skin and associated problems such as itching, etc. they also benefit from argan oil. The fatty acids and vitamin E it contains repair damaged skin and nourish it, preventing the skin from being dry.