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Body Milk


Body Lotions that moisturize and soften the skin

The body lotions of Laboratorio SyS are formulated with Aloe Vera and natural ingredients that hydrate, soften and protect the skin.

You will find 6 different lotions according to their aromas: Chocolate, Aloe Vera, Red Fruits, Green Tea, Vanilla, Blackberry and Lavender.

These lotions are specially formulated for use after bathing, combining them with SyS Gel and Bath Oil. You can also use the SyS Bath Salts to enjoy a relaxing, pleasant and aromatized bath.

Combine Body Lotions SyS with Bath Salts

The Red Fruit Bath Salt of SyS Laboratory comes from salts of marine origin that soften and refresh the skin.

Bath salts soothe and relax relieving the effects of fatigue and daily stress. It is an ideal complement to stimulate and relax the body and mind.