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Car Air Freshener


Car Air Freshener with Hanger and Clip

The new car air fresheners offer a double position: they can be hung from the rearview mirror or placed on the air conditioning grill. To make the perfume more intense it is recommended that it be used in the hanger position. If it is preferred that the air freshener lasts for more weeks, it should be coupled to the grid since the cord does not absorb the liquid contained in the perfume and the duration lasts longer.

Every three or four days, the air freshener can be rotated a few seconds so that the wood is impregnated again with the aroma and thus the smell will spread to the entire vehicle again with greater intensity.

SyS Aromas car air fresheners, unlike others, are not flammable so your car will be safe even in the hottest months of the year.

Little Car Car Air Freshener

The Little Car air freshener perfumes cars, cabinets and lockers. Its concentrated perfume lasts more than 60 days even without alcohol.

Its alcohol-free formula makes it safer, since it is not flammable. Best of all: its car-shaped design. You'll love taking the curves with him!