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Laboratorio SyS
(Code: 06574)
4.38 €
The Mikado SyS Citronela Air Freshener Case stands out for its soft and delicate floral fragrance combined with a citrus outlet and musky bottom.

This new collection of Mikado SyS Air Fresheners is inspired by marble, a metamorphic rock, which can adopt a multitude of colors, shapes and intensities of natural brightness. In this way, we obtain a selection of mikados with different aromatic intensities and colors. Like the marble itself, this collection has a natural and minimalist design that will fit the decoration of any home.

The citronella aroma drives away mosquitoes and helps prevent their bites.

  1. · Intense aroma.
    · Long duration.
    · Includes rattan rods.
    · Aggressive and aromatic notes.
  2. Uncover the bottle and place the rods inside. These will absorb the perfume and within a few hours, in a progressive way, a pleasant and lasting aroma will permeate your home for weeks.
  3. To get a more intense aroma, you can turn the rods every 3 or 4 days.