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ambientador ahire

New Mikado air fresheners that reflect the spirit SyS

Ahire is a collection of scents inspired by natural fragrances for the home. An effective and durable complement that will progressively impregnate a pleasant natural aroma in the home. In it you will find the most characteristic aromas of SyS Laboratory: Red Fruits, Angelica Root, Lavender, Mango, Clean Clothes and Cinnamon-Orange.

You can choose between the size of 40ml or 90ml, the duration of them ranges between 4 and 6 weeks respectively. Bet on the big one, you'll love it!

The Brumaromas, the same fragrances that Ahire

The most famous fragrances of SyS are transformed to make way for new formats. The new natural essences for foggers are composed of Angelica Root, Red Fruits, Clean Clothes, Lavender, Mango and Orange-Cinnamon.

Try the Brumaroma of Red Fruits, you will be surprised.