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Laboratorio SyS sponsors champions. Join us!

Laboratorio SyS has an ongoing commitment to sport and society, focussing on hard work and self-improvement. 

We firmly believe in the contribution that a healthy commitment to sport makes to human development, which is why we take part in sponsoring athletes.

TheLaboratorio SyS Triathlon Club  has a long history of taking part in competitions and winning them on a national level. Laboratorio SyS is fortunate to sponsor a team that has travelled through much of Spain, facing and overcoming new challenges. A team comprised of brilliant, admirable athletes and human beings.

The men's team is currently in first division and the women's team recently achieved promotion to the second division.

Laboratorio SyS - Paterna Chess Club

The mind is the most valuable muscle in our body so why not also support those who exercise it? The Laboratorio SyS Paterna Chess Club has a great reputation, especially since the latest signings: Francisco Vallejo, Spanish chess champion, the Grand Master Julen Arizmendi and the 2015-2016 world champion Mariya Muzychuk, among others.

The Paterna team won the regional title in the 2016-2017 season as was expected at the start of the year. Read the full story published by, a specialist media channel focussing on international sport.

Honoured in Los Valores del Deporte (The Values of Sport)

 Laboratorio SyS was honoured at the 4th edition of Los Valores del Deporte held in Paterna Valencia in May 2017 as a company distinguished for its contribution to Sporting Values. We are very proud of this award as one of our tasks as a company is to always support sport and the values it represents, such as hard work, perseverance and teamwork.