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Laboratorio SyS
(Code: 16701)
10.50 €
The Mikado SyS Nature Red Sunrise Air Freshener stands out for its fruity and sweet notes.

The aroma of Red Fruits and Berries of the Forest will give a warm touch to the home.

The new Mikado SyS Air Fresheners collection is inspired by nature. Its fragrances will allow you to live unique experiences through smells that will connect with the purest nature.

In this way, we obtain a selection of mikados with different aromatic intensities and colors. Like nature itself, this collection has a natural and minimalist design that will be integrated into the decoration of any home.

  1. . Intense aroma of medium duration.
    · Lasts more than 4 weeks.
    · Includes rattan rods.
    · Soft and sweet notes.
  2. #How to use#Uncover the bottle and place the rods inside. These will absorb the perfume and within a few hours, in a progressive way, a pleasant and lasting aroma will permeate the home for weeks.
  3. #Tips#To get a more intense aroma, turn the rods every 3 or 4 days.